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Who we are

Headquartered in Veresegyház, Thermotrade is one of the leading players in the Hungarian heating and ventilation technology market. Since our foundation in 1994, our company has been constantly expanding both in terms of knowledge and the number of successful projects. Apart from our main, Liechtenstein- based partner, Hoval, we are the exclusive domestic distributors of several premium manufacturers with our own nationwide service network. The key to success of our privately owned business is commitment and responsible teamwork, based on trust. Our employees have an ownership stake.

What we do

Our mission is to ensure optimal living conditions in indoor spaces with efficient energy consumption. The ultimate task of our cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions is your comfort and well-being.

Our offering

In the field of heating technology, our range includes everything from heat pumps to condensation, electric, industrial hot water, hot water and steam boilers and DHW generators, as well as solar collector systems and heating buffer tanks, supplemented by our combustion product drainage (chimney) systems. Within ventilation technology, in addition to indoor climate and ventilation systems, we also deal with data center cooling and smaller, enthalpy-recovery ventilation systems.

Our system-level solutions are based on the effective coordination of heating, cooling and ventilation needs. In addition to the sale of heating and ventilation technology products, we also provide the following services:

  • independent, nationwide equipment servicing: installation, maintenance, repair
  • design support, on-site construction management
  • control technology
  • technical support
  • error detection
  • general execution

The offers are prepared by our certified mechanical engineers, whereas the installation and servicing tasks are carried out by qualified service technicians. We execute designing, advisory or consulting tasks with licensed subcontractors and qualified experts. We operate with valid quality and environmental management system certificates, according to ISO 9001 and 14001 standards. Our D.U.N.S. number is 40-127-3800. We have been a public debt-free company ever since our foundation. Our driving force is the constant development of tomorrow’s heating and ventilation technology, for which we work together with partner companies, contractors and universities.

Our products aare energy-efficient equipment – in residential buildings, industrial, commercial and sports facilities

Almost half of the energy used in our country is used for heat production. This valuable energy must be used as efficiently as possible. As a responsible distributor of products from leading manufacturers in the field of heating and ventilation technology, we have committed ourselves to this from the very beginning. For us, reasonable energy consumption is just as important as quality and technical reliability.

Our heating technology products:

  • Heat pumps
  • Condensation, electric, as well as traditional gas and oil boilers
  • Indoor ventilation systems
  • Chimney systems for both residential and industrial application
  • DHW tanks and producers
  • Solar systems
  • Heat transfer stations
  • Charging and fresh water modules
  • Regulation and control

Our ventilation systems:

  • Recirculation and fresh air equipment
  • Gas recirculation equipment
  • Technological heat recovery
  • Air conditioners for data centers

Our history

The number of our qualified service technicians grows to 20

Our service team is continuously expanding. Our company name changes to Thermotrade

Thermotrade Kft.

H-2112 Veresegyház, Szadai u.13.

Telefon: +36 28 588 810
Fax: +36 28 588 820
E-mail: thermotrade@hoval.hu
Voip: +36 21 204 0543, +36 21 204 0544
GPS: 47°38’51.5″N 19°17’36.3″E

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